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Available Online

Core Restore

Gently but effectively restore your body’s natural movement patterns.

  • 1 hour 15 minutes

Service Description

A Core Restore yoga class is intuitively designed to meet the needs of someone who is seeking a whole body reset, inviting you to explore postures, breath work and somatic movement with variations to suit any body. I will guide you to move your body with intention and purpose. As you bring your mind's attention into the body, healing energy flows. We work from the ground up. Organs, fascia, muscles and joints are revitalised with increased oxygen and energy flow. Unique postures and movement stimulate the vagus nerve. This parasympathetic nervous system activation will leave you feeling restored. TESTIMONIALS "I have been plagued with back issues since having children and having tried various forms of exercise to help build core strength nothing was a long-term solution until going to Katia’s core restore class. Imagine being able to get stuck into the garden without a month’s recovery - a game changer. The core strength work is so subtle; you can’t believe you are doing anything. For me the proof is in the fact that I haven’t had any back issues since starting Katia’s class and I seem to have gained strength and better mobility. I always leave the class feeling relaxed, more nimble, and unusually taller (having lengthened all those deep inner muscles I never knew existed). I can honestly say I do not know what I would do without the classes I even miss them when I am on holiday." Terri Bray "I love my online Core Restore sessions with Katia. She brings a calming influence, and creates a secure atmosphere through the screen. Her communication is clear and concise. She guides us through each movement; it is as we are physically in her class in her presence, making sure we are all moving safely throughout the class. I highly recommend Katia's online yoga classes." Jenn James "I’m in awe of Katia’s classes! Her blissful presence and intentional connection, even over Zoom were very grounding and opening for me at a time (during lockdown) when I really craved connection and doing something for myself that would be healing and strengthening for my body and spirit. I would urge anyone to connect with Katia if they feel called." Sarah Ryan

Cancelation Policy

Adult Yoga: To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 5 hours in advance. No refund available for booked drop-in classes unless cancelled within the 5 hours notice period. If you are booked in under a concession card, please refer to the relevant terms and conditions* *Terms and conditions for adult classes: 1. 4 class card to be used within a 6 week period 2. 8 class card to be used within a 10 week period 3. Concession cards can be used towards any adult class except Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga 4. Any cancelled class within the 5 hour notice period will be rolled over within the time period allocated to your concession 5. If your concession time period is over, no refund is available but you always have the option to request a recording 6. Recordings are available for one week from the date of the class Children's Yoga: All children's yoga courses offer one class credit per term. This class will be rolled over to the following term. No refund available for booked drop-in classes unless cancelled within the 5 hour notice period. Recordings are available for drop-in payments for only one week from the date of the class. Recordings are available for course participants for the entire duration of the course.

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