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As an experienced primary school teacher with an Honours Degree in Learning Support (2010), I was privileged to observe and work with children for nine years in order to ascertain how we create environments that allow them to function to their potential. I was convinced that what young children need is freedom of movement and the use of their body to be immersed concrete, meaningful learning experiences. A multi-sensorial approach is critical to ensuring that all learning styles are catered for, and ultimately children’s needs within the classroom are being met.


After some time I did, however, experience what many teachers can identify with…burn-out! Globally, the demands placed on the role of teachers within schools (and in the wider community) have been increasingly broadened, thus resulting in a direct effect on the stress levels among teachers that translates into the classrooms. This is where my search for a balanced approach to life began, and one yoga class was the beginning of a journey that unfolded to where I am today and what I have to offer.


I am now also a passionate yoga and mindfulness teacher. In 2011, I completed my initial 200hr Yoga Alliance ® training in the inspiring birth place of yoga itself, India. Between the years of 2012 and 2014, I became a mother of two children, again shifting my perspective and approach to my teaching from a space of compassion and understanding.


As my own children grew, my fondness for the growing child ignited even further into my yoga journey. In 2017, I attained further certification with a Yoga Alliance ® Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) to teach children's yoga. I gained invaluable knowledge as to how yoga can be integrated into schools as a mindful and fun practice.  My most recent accreditation in 2018, and one that I am particularly excited to share with other teachers and children, is facilitating a mindfulness programme to enrich the lives of children and teenagers within a stressful, modern day lifestyle. 









Children's Yoga & Mindfulness

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The focus in a children's yoga class is to nurture children’s innate sense of a healthy body, a present mind and a free spirit. In a relaxed and non-competitive environment, children will be led through creative journeys of story-telling and adventure. We honour each child’s unique way of absorbing and integrating information by incorporating various learning styles in each class. These inclusive opportunities are expressed in visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and kinaesthetic experiences. Mindfulness embodies our movement, our conversations, our art and our inter-personal relationships within a safe and nurturing space.

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Restorative Yoga

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Take time out from your busy day to nurture the body, breath and mind in a restorative yoga class. During these classes, the body is completely supported by the props to ensure maximum relaxation is attained. The body drapes over the props like sugar dissolving, creating shapes through the body designed to release and renew. These shapes gently tap into the body’s natural lines of energy, releasing any blocks along these pathways and creating space to renew and restore a healthy, functioning system.  A restorative class is ideal for those who have previous injuries, chronic pain or conditions, elderly, pregnant mums, postnatal recovery and generally for those looking to address fatigue and seek whole body/mind restoration.

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Private/Duo Sessions

A private session is the ultimate gift to oneself as you begin a journey from re-gaining stability, learning how to maintain stability whilst increasing mobility and function. The session is tailor made to suit your specific needs and goals. These sessions can be booked solo or with one other person whose goals are similar to yours. We can work together to address your needs such as (but not limited to):

  • Prenatal yoga specifically tailored to increase core function and pelvic floor stability; or to slow it down & create a deeply restorative, nurturing space for you and baby...

  • Postnatal yoga specifically tailored to meet your post birth needs (e.g. healing a diastasis recti, pelvic floor instability or restoring energy reserves through deep relaxation techniques...

  • A therapeutic approach to address lower back pain/discomfort, specifically working with stabilising and strengthening the sacro-iliac joints...

  • A blend of restorative yoga one week, yin yoga the following week, or a slow yet strengthening flow...we can tailor the session exactly to what type of practice you need on the day.

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